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Doogie Howser is so wise.

"Humanity is a profession we all share".

feaathers-deactivated20120621 said:
oh my goshhhh! i feel like crying! you have an ask box uhuhuhuh (that was me sobbing) alright my dear lets take on some kstew fans lol :p well first things first, what is your name? my name is rachel :D

Yay for the ask box! My name is Megan and I am SO glad you got me an ask box because I think your blog is radical and I always wanted to tell you but I didn’t know I could. Haha, basically I have a Tumblr crush on you. Where do you live? I’m in San Diego. My favorite posts are ones from your work when your boss spells things wrong. haha, so good.

I’m getting Tumblr educated via Google. God Bless the Internet!

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